BT Launches New Disk Wifi Solution

Nimans is hailing a new ‘disc- based’ BT Wi-Fi innovation that creates a seamless network for small office environments.

The BT Whole Home Wi-Fi concept provides a cost effective complete Wi-Fi network which banishes dead spots.

Based on three separate discs, it offers an app for simple set up where users can see who’s online and even pause the internet. Intelligent Wi-Fi technology automatically connects to the fastest and strongest signal as users move from room to room.

The AC2500 Dual-Band wireless technology boasts Wi-Fi roaming and band steering as well as a self-configuring network.

The latest BT solution combines simplicity with high performance functionality and represents a significant step forward in the SME and home working arenas – according to Greg Johnson, BT Business Manager at Nimans.

He confirmed: “Wi-Fi has become an inherent component of everyday life in our home and working lives. Easy set-up is combined with a host of powerful features with intelligent backhaul channel and band selection for example. The app guides users to create and set-up their Wi-Fi system in minutes.

“There’s even connection advice to ensure the best positions for disc location to get the best Wi-Fi experience.”

A simple dashboard enables users to see who is online and what devices are connected, whilst a secure network provides peace of mind that the Wi-Fi network is safe and secure.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine