BT Launches Smartnumbers Critical Case Recording Service

BT smartnumbers has today announced the launch of the smartnumbers critical case recording service, an advanced voice recording, storage and analytics solution, for social services providers.

Social services providers are increasingly looking to record and store important meetings with service users, both to increase transparency and for critical case review purposes. These have until now been captured by manual note-taking or on dictaphones, but as the amount of meetings that are recorded increases, so too does the challenge of storing and analysing them.

BT smartnumbers critical case recording makes it simple to capture and securely store face-to-face meetings. It removes the burden of paper-based administration, ensuring complete and accurate records, and enabling social workers to spend more time handling cases.

Workers log in to the dedicated App on their smartphone or tablet, enter the service user’s reference details and the meeting is recorded. Details of the meeting including the date, time and location are automatically captured.

To ensure recordings are kept confidential and secure, they are encrypted on the device and then archived in the BT smartnumbers vault, a secure cloud storage service, at which point they are automatically deleted from the device. The BT smartnumbers vault provides a robust and highly secure platform to store and search recordings for ten years or more, depending on organisational requirements.

Social workers and their managers have access to case recordings through the BT smartnumbers compliance console, a secure online portal which enables keywords or phrases to be automatically flagged for further review, or simply and efficiently searched for. All access to the compliance console is logged, and recordings cannot be altered or deleted.

James Foley, Vice President of Customer Experience at BT smartnumbers, said, “Social services play a vital role in our society but are under increasing pressure to ensure transparency. This has been evidenced with clients in the sector citing the rise of service users recording their meetings with social workers, and asking for a service that enables them to do the same.”

“What our critical case recording solution offers is a simple to use, yet powerful and secure solution for service providers to record, archive and analyse meetings. This removes the burden of note-taking and manually sifting through paper records. Social workers can now not only spend more time handling each case, but also have complete and accurate visibility of all meetings.”

The BT smartnumbers critical case recording is part of a family of smart voice solutions which have been widely adopted by many of the UK’s public sector organisations, including the emergency services, local authorities and the Ministry of Defence.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine