BT Offers Lifeline to Cable & Wireless Business Customers

BT has set up a free helpline for worried business customers who have been told by Cable & Wireless that they have 90 days in which to find a new supplier.

C&W is to focus on only 3,000 large business and government customers and BT is offering those displaced businesses a dedicated team of advisors to understand their options and help them manage the unexpected requirement to move to another communications company with the minimum of hassle and disruption.

In the current uncertain times for businesses, with the shock withdrawal of a large company such as C&W, BT believes that customers need help to find a stable, long term and reliable provider.

Bill Murphy, managing director of BT Business, said: “This uncertain situation could be damaging to a business. They could be without service while they chose another supplier, which could harm their prospects. That’s why we have set up a free number for anxious customers, where they will be able to speak to a dedicated team of knowledgeable, trained staff.

“I can assure all businesses that BT still wants their custom. The SMB market is one of the most dynamic parts of the UK economy and we are already attracting around 2,800 business lines a week back to BT because of our trusted brand and good value packages.

BT adds, “Recent mergers, acquisitions and strategy changes have also left customers questioning future service from some suppliers. We are happy to take calls from, and advise those businesses too.”

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