BT Security Check

BT has launched PC Security Check, a new service for small businesses that remotely tests a customer’s computer and provides a status report on its security condition with recommendations on how to make it more secure.

A check takes half an hour, and involves a series of tests performed remotely over broadband on the computer and against the customer’s network firewall by a BT technician. The technician tests against a range of potential online threats, including spyware and known vulnerabilities. Because it is done remotely, the customer does not even have to be in front of their computer for the whole time.

At the end of the thirty-minute session, the technician goes through the findings with the customer and sends them an easy-to-understand but comprehensive report that explains in simple terms what is recommended to help improve the security of the tested computers.

PC Security Check is available to any business using broadband, not just BT customers, and costs £50 (excl VAT) for the first PC then £25 (excl VAT) for each PC after that.

Mick Hegarty, general manager Broadband, BT Business, said: “More and more businesses are increasingly being built around the online marketplace. And security is vital, not only for the business, but to protect their customers’ details. Small businesses often don’t know that they have a security problem with their computer until it’s too late.
“What we’re providing customers with is real peace of mind – BT’s PC Security Check draws on our highly trained technicians and our expertise in network security and will tell a business what its security vulnerabilities are and what can be done to help protect both the business and its reputation online.”

PC Security Check also looks at the customer’s disaster recovery readiness and data backup providing advice on how small businesses can benefit from the industry’s best practice.

PC Security Check is the latest addition to BT’s IT Support Manager service where experts are able to securely take control of a customer’s PC and work on it remotely to solve IT headaches. Practically all IT requirements can be covered, including the installation, configuration and repair of operating systems, networks and hardware. The service gives the smallest companies the breadth and depth of IT expertise that has previously only been available to large companies.

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