BT Wholesale Launches ‘Pay-As-You-Grow’ Managed Broadband

BT Wholesale has launched a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ managed broadband service called BT Plusnet Partner which is aimed at resellers and virtual ISPs. The service allows smaller ISPs, start-ups and brand extenders to easily add broadband to their product portfolio or expand into new broadband markets quickly and cost effectively, without the need for infrastructure investment.

The service delivers speeds of up to 8Mbit/s, with comprehensive coverage across the UK via exchanges serving more than 99 per cent of all UK homes and businesses. The service also offers a roadmap to a next generation managed broadband service – called Wholesale Broadband Managed Connect – which will be delivered over BT’s 21CN platform.

BT Plusnet Partner is based on BT fully resilient broadband network infrastructure with industry leading quality of service and will replace BT Wholesale’s Broadband Scope and Managed Broadband offerings.

With BT managing the broadband service end-to-end on the behalf of its wholesale customers, resellers and ISPs do not need to worry about up front capital investment or ongoing network management, maintenance or upgrade costs. Customers also benefit from pay-as-you grow-charging, allowing them to scale up their broadband requirements as their business grows, with the added advantage of predictable costs.

Brian Fitzpatrick, MD, BT wholesale markets, said: “In today’s tough economic climate, it’s critical for broadband ISPs to keep control of their financial expenditure and minimise risk. By effectively outsourcing their broadband business to BT Wholesale, ISPs can completely offload their broadband infrastructure requirements to BT and take advantage of our competitive wholesale pricing, volume discounts, and flexible charging model. It’s the ideal service for small and medium sized players or start-up companies that are looking to expand into the broadband market.”

Resellers and ISPs can re-brand the BT Plusnet Partner broadband service as their own, and have full control of their end customers via a secure web portal. The portal allows them to place and track customer orders quickly and easily, monitor usage and identify and repair faults, thereby equipping them with the ability to deliver a quality broadband service and strong customer service support.

The first release of the service consists of an 8Mbit/s uncapped service, with chargeable usage options of 5Gbit/s, 25Gbit/s and 50Gbit/s to follow.

BT Plusnet Partner is delivered through BT Wholesale’s partner Plusnet plc, a wholly owned subsidiary of BT Group.

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