Bulldog Takes a Bite at Business Sector

ISP Bulldog Communications, the Cable & Wireless company that had a minor run in with Ofcom this Autumn over service issues, is now set to enter the B2 B market with their fast broadband offering.

They have set up a new business division led by Carlo Soresina, sales and marketing director of Bulldog, which will focus on an ‘Office-in-a-Box’ vision to deliver ‘simple, value-rich and flexible solutions, which directly enable small business growth’. Initially this consists of broadband and voice but will encompass other products in 2006.

The SP says their vision will underpin its commitment to meet the specific needs of different small businesses, whilst still retaining at its core the four values of: simplicity, support, flexibility and value for money.

Leaving aside this corporate speak spin Bulldog has now invested extensively in the resources required to create dedicated customer support and services tailored to the needs of growing businesses.

Soresina said, “Bulldog understands that small businesses don’t just need the newest, fastest or cheapest solution – what they need is something that, simply, affordably and reliably, supports their business. We aim to build upon our vision that businesses, regardless of their size or ambitions, will get a Bulldog service that provides an ‘Office-in-a-Box’ solution. There is a huge opportunity to support different types of businesses with value add services, which can easily be tailored to meet individual business needs.”

Soresina continues: “Whether this is a second phone line to support sales, or the option to add phone lines as requirements change, our packages meet many of the unique and varied needs of small and growing businesses and SOHOs, and are a step towards the vision of an Office-in-a-Box. Bulldog is committed to bringing the advanced voice and internet services traditionally reserved for large enterprises to entrepreneurs and small businesses in the UK in useful and good value packages. Our vision is to grow our value added services and applications so that we continue to support our customers with products that have a bottom line impact.”

“As the working culture in the UK evolves, with flexible working, home working and the increased need for quality contact with customers, partners and prospects, the voice and broadband services that connect you are a growing business’ lifeline. With the launch of Second Line Voice, Bulldog is transforming the way that businesses operate, providing them with leading edge 21st century communications, that provide a key competitive advantage.”

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