Buongiorno’s blinko wins at Visiongain’s Mobile Entertainment Awards

Buongiorno, a mobile entertainment company, has announced that it has won the Gold award for Best Social Networking Service and User Generated Content for blinko at Visiongain’s Mobile Entertainment Awards. These awards recognise the technologies, companies, innovations and campaigns that moved the industry forward in the past year.

Lucia Predolin, marketing communications manager at Buongiorno, commented: “Winning this award for blinko, still such a new product, gives us great confidence in its success in the years to come. Buongiorno as a Company is very excited about the opportunities that mobile social networking brings in the future on a global scale.”

Buongiorno, with more than 10 years’ experience in the field of mobile entertainment and the development of phone solutions, launched blinko in October 2008. Following blinko’s worldwide launch, the company aims to become one of the top three brands in at least 10 countries.

Unlike competitors’ mobile offerings which are simply adapted from existing web products, blinko has been specifically designed and optimised for mobile phones. This guarantees its simplicity of use, and user friendliness on almost all mobile devices, irrespective of manufacturer or model.

Mauro Del Rio, chairman and founder at Buongiorno, stated: “The social network is the most important development in digital media of the past three years. It’s here to stay. At the heart of social networking is the desire to share interesting things with people we are close to, and interesting things don’t tend to happen in front of a computer screen, but when we’re out and about with our mobile phones. That is why Buongiorno wants to lead the uptake of mobile social networking, and by winning this award it would seem that it is well on its way.”

According to a white paper written exclusively for Buongiorno, Informa has predicted three possible scenarios for mobile user numbers: a conservative estimate of 428 million users, a medium-level estimate of 562 million, and a high estimate of 770 million users. This means that approximately one mobile user out of five could belong to a mobile social network within four years (Source: Social Networking White Paper exclusively for Buongiorno, by Informa, published 2008).

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