Burnside Announce TAPI Compliance for their FCT’s

Burnside Telecom’s range of fixed cellular terminals (Premicells) and phones is now compatible with Microsoft’s telephone application programming interface (TAPI) thus eliminating the need to dial outbound phone calls over mobile phone networks.

Increasingly competitive tariffs from mobile network operators now enable call centres and companies both large and small to achieve considerable reductions in call costs by using mobile networks instead of landline networks. Burnside’s fixed cellular terminals make it possible for such companies to use their existing telephone equipment to make calls directly over mobile networks.

A further reduction in costs can now be achieved by using call lists generated by TAPI compatible customer relationship management (CRM) or contact management software like Goldmine, SAGE ACT, Microsoft CRM or Maximizer to automate the outbound dialling process through Burnside terminals and phones.

Burnside say that European Fine Wines call centre in Bromley was introduced to Burnside’s TAPI enabled fixed cellular terminals by Gary Hardy of telecoms cost reduction company Compass.

European Fine Wines’ Chairman Scott Assemakis commented “We’ve been trialling Burnside’s cellular equipment since April of this year. Since then we’ve cut our call costs by a staggering 74% from £9500 to £2500 a month. Burnside’s TAPI feature has also allowed us to use our existing Goldmine database and has increased our agent’s call rate to an average of 50 calls an hour.”

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