Burnside Telecom Launches New Vandal and Weather Proof GSM Phone

Burnside Telecom has launched a vandal and weather proof phone that can be used in any location within world wide GSM network coverage. The phone can be immediately deployed, without the delay and expense associated with landline telephones.

The Burnside P400 GSM Tough Phone can be wall, bulkhead, post or desk mounted and is able to operate from AC power, internal battery or solar panel. The phone uses a standard mobile phone SIM.

The phone case is moulded in shatter proof glass filled polyester to prevent rust and corrosion. It is weatherproof against ingress of dust and low pressure jets of water to the IP65 standard.

A high impact Cycoloy handset is tethered to the case by a high breaking strain stainless steel spiral cord. The handset is provided with inductive coupling for hearing aid users. When located in a moving vehicle or at sea the handset will remain on hook at angles of up to 90 degrees from the vertical. If the handset is left off hook, the phone will automatically reset itself to enable incoming calls. The hook switch is solid state and contains no moving parts.

The P400 GSM Tough Phone is available in 15, 6, 3 and no key keypad versions all of which are programmable for autodialing and other purposes.

A GSM-R version is also available. Under a European directive all railway routes in Europe being built, upgraded or renewed are to specify GSM-R voice and data radio.

The P400 series is already in production and one of the first installations provides emergency communications in road tunnels in Oslo, Norway.

Other applications for the P400 include use on motorways, tunnels, bridges, canals, railways, stations, airports, cab ranks, parks, mountains, ski slopes, waterside, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants, canteens, nightclubs, car parks, sports & leisure areas, construction sites, exhibitions, hospitals, schools, prisons, factories, warehouses, portacabins, sewage works, boats, ships, trains, buses, construction, agriculture, military, police and outside broadcast.

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