Business-Level Security is now Essential for SMEs

Nabil Souli, CEO at UBIqube, says businesses, large and small, are increasingly dependent on the Internet in day-to-day operations and ultimately leaving them vulnerable to a variety of targeted threats.

“This has never been truer. Only two days ago the head of MI5 warned of potential cyber attacks on UK businesses by China’s People’s Liberation Army.

What is worrying is that most SMEs are using ‘out of box’ software which has been created to serve the home environment and is therefore not equipped to deal with high-level attacks and viruses businesses are susceptible to. Such risks are not only a concern for individual businesses but also for the overall UK economy, given that SMEs account for more than half of the UK’s employment and turnover (according to BERR 2006).

Traditional ‘off the shelf’ solutions still leave the SME managing security, which is not a core goal of their business. UBIqube believes that telecoms providers and the channel should be looking to provide a scalable security solution that will protect SMEs as their business grows. At present this is an opportunity that is currently being missed by the majority of the market due to the level of research and time needed to create and provide the technology. This gap in the market means that in the meantime with cyber attacks ever prevalent in the UK, leaving SMEs open to a severe risk of attack.”

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