Business personality UK managers would most like to take to see a film

An Orange poll has revealed the Godfather to be the favourite film choice of over 900 business managers in the UK.

Asked by the YouGov survey to vote for their top business based film, the Francis Ford Coppola classic topped the votes (38%) closely followed by Wall Street (25%) and Jerry McGuire (20%). However there was a clear demographic divide with female business managers citing the film Working Girl as a top three film choice despite the male demographic voting this as one of their least favourite films.

When it came to voting on the business personality respondents would most like to take to see a film, courtesy of Orange Wednesday, Sir James Dyson, inventor of the world famous bagless vacuum cleaner, topped the poll with the UK’s small business managers while managers in larger organisations would rather share a film with Simon Cowell or founder Martha Lane-Fox.

A popular choice, Dyson once again topped the poll as the most admired business leader with 47% of the vote, well ahead of TV Dragon Theo Paphitis (17%) and X Factor’s Cowell (15%).

Martin Lyne, director of small and medium business at Orange UK, said: “Sir James Dyson is a great example of the ingenuity and creativity driving many British businesses at the moment. It therefore comes as little surprise that the majority of UK business people voted him as the entrepreneur they most admire and would like to spend an Orange Wednesday evening with. Whilst the majority of UK businessmen might not have the opportunity to talk shop over a pizza with Sir James, they can still take advantage of our two for one pizza and movie offer to network with colleagues and partners. Perhaps the next great British invention or business idea will be hatched at an Orange Wednesday.”

At the other end of the list, you might not be surprised to hear that the survey of business managers found Sir Fred Goodwin (former RBS chief executive) to be the least admired businessman across both male and female managers. To add insult to injury, Sir Fred Goodwin came in as the least favourite business figure along with Gerald Ratner (former chief executive of Ratners) to take to an Orange Wednesday evening.

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