Business Systems Gain Outsourcing Deal

Ventura, the largest UK owned customer management outsourcing company has just awarded Business Systems ‘strategic-supplier’ status for Call Recording (CR), Quality Management (QM) and Business Analytics (BA) solutions. The contract was kicked off with the initial deployment of approximately 2,500 agent positions going live in June 2007.

Business Systems is running the project as a ‘managed-service’ for Ventura because the shifting dynamics of outsourcing on this scale defeat conventional supply and implementation methods. The service is initially being deployed over two sites, one in Leeds and one in Rotherham, with the applications being applied to two of Ventura’s major clients. In addition, there is a progressive commitment to roll out the application-suite to the remaining UK sites as part of the standard Ventura business model.

The system solution is based on the NICE Perform suite, which provides each application (CR, QM & BA) as an independent module. This concept provides a holistic view of organisational performance, culminating in the ability to analyse all aspects of customer interactions. Particularly useful in an outsourcing environment, it can quickly identify market trends and operational issues that have previously taken weeks to establish, by using tools like word or phrase spotting and emotion detection. Additionally, with data extracted from the system, a client’s campaign can very rapidly be reviewed, refined or changed on the fly as needs dictate.

With analytics still a relatively new concept in contact centres, Ventura’s Alan Linter, IT Planning & Projects Director commented:- “By implementing this technology we believe we are not only maintaining but also enhancing our competitive edge in this market and giving our clients a distinct business advantage that is not equalled elsewhere”.

Richard Mill, Managing Director of Business Systems, commented:- “This is an exciting project for all concerned because with correct management it can produce very substantial ROI for clients with ‘high brand-worth’ and this is precisely the category into which Ventura and its clients fall”.

With several business analytics products on the market, Alan Linter commented on why Ventura opted for NICE Perform through Business Systems:- “We believe NICE is one of the best systems on the market; the functionality is second-to-none and the licensing model was also very attractive. We chose Business Systems because they have an excellent pedigree in this market; a project of this nature requires in-depth knowledge and long-term commitment from the systems integrator if it is to be successful and this is what they provide. In addition, their ‘managed-service’ model gives us enormous flexibility which allows us to expand and contract without huge expenditure.”

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