Businesses Flock to Chat Tool

Flock is a completely free and simple messaging application that lets teams communicate quickly and effectively at work and eliminates the need to blend work and personal messaging tools. This means users will never again receive messages from both colleagues and friends on the same service – or worse, get mixed up between the two.

As the pace of work gets ever quicker, workers require a better way of communicating and collaborating than email and many have resorted to using personal messaging services at work, with varying degrees of success and more than a few embarrassing moments. Meanwhile, employers are searching for ways to help their people cut down the time spent managing their inbox and instead be as productive as possible.

Flock is created for those fast moving teams and organisations. It does not require any IT administrators to set up and is the fastest and easiest way for teams to connect, share documents and communicate with each other, clients and partners across all computers and devices. Flock is always free for unlimited users and usage and is available for iOS, Android, Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

With its simple and easy-to-navigate interface, Flock provides a user-friendly way for users to chat one-to-one or in groups. Unlike popular instant messaging applications, Flock allows employees to sign in using their work email, and automatically syncs the entire office directory to every employee’s device.

“Many of the so-called communications tools out there actually create more work for the people who use them and slow them down. We are all about helping people to get stuff done and communicate effectively and enjoyably,” said Bhavin Turakhia (pictured), CEO and founder of Riva, the maker of Flock. “Flock is also completely free and has no limits on how many people use it or how many conversations are saved – no other service can say the same.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine