Businesses Wake up to Intelligent Infrastructure Management Benefits

Survey from Wadsworth shows that 65% of installers expect to deploy more intelligent systems in 2008

More and more businesses are waking up to the productivity and efficiency benefits associated with intelligent infrastructure management (IIM), according to a new survey from Wadsworth, one of the UK’s leading distributors of networking and cabling products. The research, which surveyed network and cabling installation companies at a recent Wadsworth event, revealed that 65 per cent of installers believe that they will deploy more IIM systems in 2008 in response to an increasing demand from businesses for a solution that can bridge the gap between real-time network management tools and structured cabling.

“Traditionally IIM solutions have been seen as cost prohibitive and complicated to deploy and manage but as the need for more and more security and asset management has increased as too has the demand for IIM,” commented Paul Miller, Marketing Manager, Wadsworth. “By providing the missing link between real-time management tools and the traditionally passive structured cabling, businesses of all sizes can benefit from improved fault resolution times, real-time asset tracking and forensic information from the event log.”

The survey also revealed that more than 50 per cent of installers expect to deploy more 10Gbps copper structured cabling systems in 2008. This is in response to the imminent ratification of standards protocol for copper which is due to happen in early next year.

“We were not surprised to learn that over half of all installers believe that they will deploy more 10Gbps in 2008,” added Miller. “The ratification of the standards are just one part of the picture. We believe that the explosion of 10Gbps will be in response to bandwidth hungry applications such as VOIP which are set to grow in importance next year. By deploying high bandwidth networks, company can rest assured that they can meet their network demands now and into the future.”

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