Buying Cheap is a False Economy say Plantronics

Ian Gould, Product Manager UC and Mobile at Plantronics, says that when choosing between approved and standard headsets, there will always be a customer demographic who simply wants to pay the lowest price possible, regardless of how this might impact on audio quality or user experience.

“However, what many don’t realise is that going for the cheapest option is more often than not a false economy. For example, as soon as software or administrative updates are made, a standard headset can become obsolete and can require the purchase of a brand new device, effectively doubling the original cost of the unit.

“An approved headset, on the other hand, may be more expensive to start with, but it has been designed to be upgradeable when administrators wish to update the operating system or audio application. This helps businesses to future proof their communications against unknown costs.

“It is not just cost which sets standard and approved headsets apart. Although they may perform the same tasks, the overall differences in performance and usability are huge. The main benefit of approved headsets is the plug’n’play functionality, which means that employees can start using their headsets as soon as they arrive, without the hassle of complicated set-up procedures. In addition, approved headsets are much more intuitive than most of the standard devices, offering improved audio quality and call control functions, such as automatic answer, which improve the overall experience for the user.”

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