Buzz Networks Launches Hubb@ 3G Access Gateway

Buzz Networks, the Surrey based independent Telecoms business, has announced that it was launching their Hubb@, a 3G Access Gateway with an integrated broadband, VoIP and Wi-Fi capability that enables businesses to connect without the need for a fixed line.

The Hubb@ uses intelligent radio antennae technology to deliver its package of 3G enabled services, and is ideal for business customers located within 15 miles of an HSPDA enabled base station. As over 98% of the UK will be covered by at least one of the main mobile carriers by the end of 2010, this is a solution that will be relevant to all business users.

With downloads of up to 7.2Mb and uploads of up to 5.6Mb, the Hubb@ delivers a high-speed broadband service, wherever there is access to a 3G signal, and combines with Buzz Network’s feature rich IP Centrex soft-switch, numbering services and mobile handset solutions, to create a unique and compelling product.

The ready availability of the service will also be a bonus for businesses who are too far away from their BT exchange to receive a satisfactory service, or who are disappointed by the download and upload speeds that are being delivered by their existing service providers.

Steve Smith, Founder Director of Buzz Networks, commented, “What we are offering to the Dealer Network for their business customers is effectively a ‘business in a box’. The Hubb@ provides businesses with a complete voice and data solution, which can support up to eight people.

We believe that the no fixed-line requirement, rapid commissioning process, portability, and single point of service contact, make the product an even more attractive proposition for Dealers and their customers alike.”

Smith added, “We see the Dealer Network as a very important route to market for us. We have considerable experience of working within the Dealer Network as product distributors ourselves, so we know the other side of the fence, and what it really takes to properly support a Dealer relationship, and ensure that the needs and expectations of their clients are fully met, as well as their need for business growth, recurring revenues and strong, defendable margins.”

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