C3 Sees Demand for SIP Services Surge

C3, the interactive voice and data communications provider, says it is experiencing huge growth in the use of its SIP enabled multimedia communications platform SeTeCa.

Recently, service providers such as 4D Interactive, alongside corporate clients GMTV and Oxford University have been plugging into the SeTeCa platform to create, harness and monetise a new generation of interactive communications services.

Because SeTeCa is SIP enabled, Value Added Resellers can combine the functionality of web services such as VoIP, instant massaging and video with the ubiquity of existing PSTN and mobile communications. This enables them to create a new generation of interactive services whilst at the same time adding new functionality and revenue streams to existing ones.

Video calling via the internet for example offers consumers a much richer user experience than voice calls and is considerably cheaper than 3G video calling. Video offers a new visual alternative to traditional ‘voice and prompt’ IVR services whilst at the same time engaging end users with the familiarity of internet.

Moreover, functions such as C3’s SIP enabled ‘click-to-call’ facility allows service providers to engage consumers by adding simple buttons to websites that immediately connect them to a third party be that a chat or information service or call centre.

John Wood, Sales and Marketing Director, C3, commented: “In the main people are completely habitualised in using web services such as VoIP and IM for everyday communications, and whilst the monetisation of these services is nothing new the range of possible services is limited.

“Because SeTeCa is SIP enabled it gives our customers the power to create truly unified communications services, connecting new markets and new customers globally and as a result we’ve seen demand surge in recent months.

“The uptake in SIP connected users does not signal the end of traditional voice connectivity; only emphasises that we are at last entering the truly multi-channel era where the applications maybe the same but the way people consume and interact is far more diverse.”

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