Cable & Wireless Partners with Ipanema Technologies

Ipanema Technologies, a supplier of application traffic management systems for wide area networks, has announced today that Cable & Wireless will use its Business Network Optimisation System to develop a new application-centric offering.

The company says this builds on an established partnership that has already provided UK enterprises with an integrated offering. The Ipanema element provides Cable & Wireless’ customers with real-time visibility and control of what is happening on their Virtual Private Network (VPN). Customers using the Ipanema system will also be able to dynamically manage, accelerate and prioritise traffic to meet their individual business needs.

Malcolm Seagrave, Global Head of Security and Application Services, Cable & Wireless said: “Our service offering is evolving as new pressures are placed on network managers to guarantee the performance of key applications such as Citrix and SAP and sensitive real-time applications such as VoIP. Businesses are increasingly dependent on networks to underpin their IT infrastructure and, as CRM and ERP applications become more business-critical, the fight for bandwidth becomes greater. The spotlight is now on ICT departments and network managers are turning to us to give them as much control over their networks as possible. We’re committed to offering the best levels of service to our customers and, with Ipanema, we will be able to help network managers meet the requirements of their end-users, ensuring critical applications do not suffer due to network issues such as congestion at peak times.”

Cable & Wireless identified Ipanema’s Business Network Optimisation solution as the best fit to meet the demands of enterprise businesses for WAN control and application performance guarantees. Ipanema’s approach offers telcos a scalable carrier class system with a dedicated service delivery framework that transcends their actual IP VPN service. This enables them to shift from a network SLA model to an application SLA model, opening opportunities for a new generation of high-value services centred around the performance of business-critical applications.

Mike Bailey, Country Manager UK, Ipanema Technologies said, “According to research from Vanson Bourne, 93% of UK businesses are looking for greater visibility and control of traffic over the WAN, with only 58% currently able to offer network users application-centric service level agreements. This represents a real opportunity for network providers that are able to give customers with application-centric tools and services over and above their existing commoditised offerings. We are delighted to be working with Cable & Wireless to deliver such a service and meet customers’ needs.”

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