Cable & Wireless Sure enhances Strongest Signal Roaming service

A new service from Sure (Cable & Wireless) that gives mobile phone users the best possible chance of receiving a signal anywhere in the UK using Strongest Signal Roaming (SSR) technology has been enhanced with the addition of a Secure SMS and Emergency Planning SMS solution.

Companies that rely on their staff having access to a phone signal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year can now send encrypted text messages to them. Sure, Isle of Man (a trading arm of Cable & Wireless International) has teamed up with 2sms, a company serving corporate customers across the UK and USA, to offer the service in the British Isles.

Managing director of 2sms, Tim King, commented: “With the increased use of mobile technology more people are doing business away from the secured environment of an office. Combining an all UK network SIM with secure SMS messaging and emergency planning services brings a complete suite of tools for the management of unexpected events.”

Chief executive of Sure in the Isle of Man, Simon Last-Sutton, said: “We’re delighted with the partnership with 2sms as it makes our Sure Safety suite of products even more attractive. This solution now enables key personnel to communicate privately when telephone use may not be appropriate.”

King added: “Secure SMS messages are encrypted and cannot be stored on the mobile phone. Messages can optionally require a password to be read and can optionally be set to read once only before they dissolve. The emergency planning product allows for mass broadcast of SMS messages from any computer or phone to all or some of a company’s staff members. Most significantly it can be used to take a roll call of key personnel to gauge the safety status of all members of staff in the event of an emergency.”

There are three Sure Safety products available with the 2sms texting solution: Sure Safety Pre-pay is designed for personnel that can’t justify having a work phone full time but need one for occasional use; Sure Safety Standard is for personnel who cannot afford to be without mobile phone coverage within the British Isles and is significantly cheaper than using a foreign SIM; and Sure Safety Emergency is designed as a phone that needs to be always on with a very high credit limit but spends most of its time in a glove box or desk drawer.

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