Cable&Wireless Launches Enterprise Cloud Computing Program

Cable&Wireless Worldwide has announced the Early Adopters Programme (EAP) for its enterprise cloud computing solution. Available for the first participants in early July, the EAP is intended to refine the roadmap to the adoption of cloud computing for enterprises. The program will help shape the consultative approach and migration strategies C&W Worldwide will use to help its customers move to its enterprise cloud computing solution.

Accessed through C&W Worldwide’s next-generation network, the enterprise cloud computing solution is specifically designed to facilitate the trust, security, compliance, control and availability requirements of enterprises. Based on Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) it is an extension of its data centre management and virtualised hosting services portfolio that is used by many enterprise and UK Government customers.

By combining dedicated virtualised environments with enterprise cloud computing, C&W Worldwide’s customers will be able to make the most of the cost and performance benefits that cloud computing will offer for day-to-day operations and on a project-by-project basis. Its secure cloud computing platform will help cut hardware costs, improve power and cooling efficiency, enable better server management and flexibility, create a shared IT infrastructure and enhance disaster recovery and business continuity.

Nigel Stevens, Product Management Director at C&W Worldwide comments, “Until now enterprises have been unable to take advantage of the agility cloud computing can provide. By working alongside our customers, and assisting with each step in the migration process, we can help them realise a seamless transition to a cloud based solution and the associated benefits it offers. Once the EAP is complete, the methodologies developed will be integrated into the ongoing collaboration process that will form part of the migration strategies for all enterprise cloud computing customers. Our customers will benefit from a complete package, the enterprise cloud computing platform, best practice processes for adoption, and people to help with the migration – a unique proposition in the enterprise cloud computing market.”

Through customer collaboration C&W Worldwide’s EAP will help outline the best possible migration paths for enterprises looking to embrace cloud computing. The company will also advise businesses on the amount of resources required to embrace virtualisation and cloud computing and facilitate a low-risk approach to address adoption issues associated with governance, service levels and assurance. C&W Worldwide will act as external consultants, providing impact analysis throughout the project. Customers embracing the EAP will be able to take part in an open forum, enabling them to discuss their progress via an online collaboration platform, interacting with other EAP participants through interactive blogs, webinars and discussion forums.

Stevens concludes, “C&W Worldwide’s consultancy and impact analysis can not only ease the transition to cloud but also help minimise the business impact associated with the adoption of enterprise cloud computing. Overall the EAP will help businesses realise the long-term benefits that cloud computing will enable, helping our customers be more flexible with their IT resources today and also to be ready for future technologies.”

C&W Worldwide has established a number of key partnerships for its enterprise cloud computing solution in order to ensure the best possible end-user experience. These include selecting Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) as its next-generation data centre platform, as well as technologies from VMware and EMC, to deliver a secure, resilient and easy-to-use cloud computing infrastructure for enterprises. It will also be using newScale’s FrontOffice Suite for self-service provisioning.

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