Cable&Wireless Worldwide Reduces Co2 with Site Closure

As part of its ongoing pledge to significantly reduce its carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050 Cable&Wireless Worldwide has successfully closed Thameside, its earth/satellite location centre in London. Originally the Docklands Telecommunications Centre, Thameside was a collection of huge satellite dishes in the midst of the city. The closure, and subsequent relocations, of the site will equate to an 85 percent drop in carbon emissions for the activities fulfilled by the site. This is a significant saving for C&W Worldwide and amounts to a 1.48 percent reduction of the company’s total carbon emissions, the equivalent of taking approximately almost 1000 cars off the road.

Phil Male, Chief Strategy Officer at Cable&Wireless Worldwide, comments; “The closing of Thameside is a significant step in helping us reach our environmental targets and, by embracing sustainable development, we can help ourselves and our customers employ more efficient and energy conserving ways of working. The team has accomplished a lot with this project and in many ways it sets the benchmark for future initiatives as we continue to improve our environmental performance. An 85 percent reduction in CO2 for all the activities of a single site, the equivalent of taking almost 1000 cars off the road, demonstrates what we and other businesses can achieve.”

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