Call Management Information is Essential say Nimans

Call Management has evolved into a vital tool to boost business performance and should, in most circumstances, be ‘sold in’ whenever a system is installed. That’s the view of Ian Brindle, Head of System Sales at Nimans who feels that providing call information is essential in ensuring end users maximise their overall productivity and efficiency.

“It has moved on from call logging and can now be described as a fundamental business tool in many industries. There are a lot of areas where call management information adds value, first and foremost there might not be enough telephone lines going into a business or there may even be too many,” he said. “It comes into its own as it can measure resources available to a business and it is like having a set of eyes on someone’s business. In a sales type environment it will analyse if there are enough staff taking calls at peak periods. There’s even the ability to run off information on a real time basis so that improvements can instantaneously be made to improve customer service and business efficiency.

“There are scalable software packages available which are suited to the smallest or the biggest business. Where Unified Comms are nice to have, call management information is an essential and should be a prerequisite. Dealers can sell call management information as an investment which will more than pay for itself, adding value to an overall sale.”

He added: “More and more vendors are integrating management software into their hardware but if more dedicated and specific information is needed then tailored solutions will need to be purchased. If it’s used properly and the information is used correctly, there’s no doubt it will prove highly effective and should be considered from day one.”

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