Call Recording for Mobiles Delivers Industry Compliance

Compliant Phones Ltd today announced that it has been awarded Vodafone Certified application status for its Compliant Voice application.

With Compliant Voice, Professionals who need records of their phone calls can work from anywhere and are no longer tied to their desks by the requirement to record calls. All calls to and from designated mobiles can be recorded centrally. Now Banks and City Traders can offer clients a wider choice of venues, while remaining compliant.

Compliant Voice is completely automatic. Users make and receive calls normally, and cannot forget to record. Employers do not need to install or operate specialised equipment. Recordings can be accessed securely and are indexed by date, time and both the phone numbers of the call.

In order to achieve Vodafone Certified status, Compliant Voice underwent technical evaluation by Vodafone UK. As a result, the application has passed the approval process, meeting the high standards demanded by Vodafone UK’s customer base and delivering value to the UK marketplace.

As a Certified application, Compliant Phones now has access to Vodafone UK’s technical expertise and will be recommended to appropriate customers by Vodafone UK account managers Compliant Voice will be identified by the “Vodafone Certified Application” brand logo. This will allow Compliant Phones to benefit from Vodafone UK’s position as the UK’s largest mobile network operator, offering its customers in-depth support and peace of mind when deploying new mobile applications.

William Vine, Commercial Director of Compliant Phones said: “New financial regulations (MiFID and FSA) on 1st November 2007 mean financial institutions will have to record more calls, including mobiles. Compliant Phones is pleased to be working with Vodafone to extend mobile working into financial institutions, enabling them to comply with new regulations.

Banks are increasingly looking to the use of mobiles to support Business Continuity plans, as well as more flexible working, offering their clients a wider choice of venues for transactions. Compliant Phones offers the means to make the use of mobiles fully compliant. ”

Nick Parbutt, head of enterprise product management, Vodafone UK said: “For many of our customers, mobile data applications, such as job scheduling or workforce management are a business imperative. Having experienced the business benefits that such applications deliver, these customers are now considering additional solutions to address day-to-day business requirements. Compliant Phones has proven that it can address these needs and we look forward to working with its team to enable our customers to realise the efficiencies that Compliant Voice delivers.”

Compliant Phones joins a number of other certified application developers in the Vodafone UK applications portfolio. These include MetaMessage, Dexterra, Kirona, Apresta and Pyxis Mobile, which have developed solutions ranging from telematics and sales solutions to tools that replicate the functionality or content from the desktop environment on to the mobile device.

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