Call Recording is Powerful Cloud Application

Lesley Hansen, Marketing Director at TeleWare, says call recording has undergone a revolution, but the big players have not quite caught up yet!

“The cost of call recording is not a ppm and month fee, no hardware is needed. It has become an ideal product for resellers, easy to sell, easy to understand, low cost of support and a new ongoing revenue stream that does not adversely impact existing business.

Call Recording is one of the telephony applications most affected by the cloud. Call Recording in the cloud means it can be delivered to any customer, on any device, at any location without the need for expensive on site call recording equipotent, and without the need to store call recordings locally. It is effectively a revolution and it moves the market from one dominated by large specialist vendors doing direct sales to large corporate businesses, to one where call receding can be sold without special expertise either within the reseller or at the customer site, and can be easily and cost effectively delivered.

In addition on demand call recording means that users can get call recording delivered directly to the email account as wav files, suddenly call recording is a tool for the user as well as a tool for the business. No need to take scribbled notes on scraps of paper while travelling, just get the call recording delivered to you or to your office.”

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