Call Recording Market Set To Grow Ten-Fold

The business call recording market in UK is set to grow ten-fold in the next few years. Increasing legal requirement and a need to improve management control, boost productivity and cut operating costs will drive major growth, offering resellers a wealth of new opportunities.

That’s the view of Yorkshire-based Link Telecom who have been quick to identify the benefits of today’s rapidly-changing communications technologies and match these to the demands of business customers.

“End-users want powerful, proven solutions that deliver clear practical benefits and lower costs, backed by excellent support – at a price they can’t refuse,” says Stuart Pollard, senior account manager at Link Telecom.

Based in Halifax and Keithley, West Yorkshire, Link Telecom provides full spectrum communications solutions to business customers and leading institutions across UK.

“Right now we are finding the market is hot for IP solutions and Unified Communications. With the continuing move by end-users towards an increasingly applications-based environment, call recording is a natural fit with both our SME and Enterprise customers.

“Many ‘must-have’ applications like call recording have previously been complex, expensive and solely the preserve of big corporations. Now, powerful solutions are within the reach and affordability of SME’s and smaller companies.”

For a growing company like Link Telecom, a Samsung reseller, the time and the technology is now right to attack this market.

“Call recording is an opportunity we have been aware of for some time but what stopped us progressing in this area was finding the right product and the right partner”, explains Pollard.

“Liquid Voice and its range of products have helped us to enter a lucrative new market that offers a host of exciting future opportunities. We see big potential for new sales in a number of major vertical markets such as Finance, Healthcare, Education, Local Authorities – and growing opportunities around the new S.I.P. environment, for example.

“Based on current market environment and our experience to date, we expect the call recording market to grow ten-fold in the next few years.”

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