Calltrunk for future proof recording of mobile, landline and Skype calls

Calltrunk launches a new concept in call recording management this month, offering call recording on multiple devices (mobile, landline, Skype) with inclusive analytics and storage

Calltrunk’s innovative recording management platform enables users to record all of kinds of calls made from their mobile, landline or via Skype and then store conversations either in the cloud, in a private hosted environment or on premise.

‘We feel that traditional call recording solutions are costly to implement, expensive to maintain and there is no migration path between systems. Some traditional solutions now offer ‘bolt-on’ mobile recording modules but we are the first to offer mobile, landline and Skype recording plus analytics and storage, all in one SAAS package’, says Richard Newton, Marketing Director at Calltrunk.

Calltrunk users are not tied to legacy systems; users can gradually add to or instantly replace traditional systems and Calltrunk can be deployed in any new environment. There is one console for all systems; the solution is infinitely scalable and it’s ready to go from day one with no time consuming and costly onsite installation or cabling required.

Calltunk is location agnostic, offers universal device capability, has intelligent architecture and has built in call recording analytics. Calltrunk can be used with any telephone system; specialist software drivers are not required so the application can be deployed in multi system environments, over multiple sites and for as many users as required.

Calltrunk’s ground breaking ArgoSearch feature allows users to find any word or phrase that appears in any stored call recording; just type in the words or phrase that you are looking for and ArgoSearch brings up all occurrences of that word or phrase in stored recordings, with one click.

The Calltrunk SAAS model does not require costly up front hardware/software purchases; a concept which is proving to be attractive for SMBs, conscious about ‘capex’ expenditure in the current economic climate. The Calltrunk solution is ideal for SMBs who consider traditional call recording to be prohibitively expensive but also large enterprises use Calltrunk, where there are large numbers of staff to record, mobile workers, traders, stockbrokers – anyone that uses multiple devices to make calls is a potential user. Calltrunk is fully encrypted, so ideal for companies looking to comply with FSA regulations. Calltrunk is used by telemarketing and customer service teams for staff training or dispute resolution; national newspaper journalists use it for recording interviews, senior executives use it to keep track of important conversations and city traders or financial advisors use Calltrunk for compliance.

Calltrunk resellers earn margin, add value to their existing solutions portfolio and benefit from an extra monthly revenue stream, alongside sales of traditional lines and minutes. Additionally, Calltrunk resellers receive state of the art technical, marketing and sales support.

Calltrunk is looking to partner with selected resellers, who service the corporate and SMB sectors; it is possible to ‘white label’ the Calltrunk solution for if required, so key partners can offer a branded version of call recording to their clients if required. Calltrunk is offering free trials to resellers who wish to see the future of call recording for themselves.

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