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The richer, more robust Android app will allow users to do even more with Calltrunk which records call made from mobiles, landline or Skype on a ‘pay as you go basis’. At the heart of the new app is the brand new ‘Trunk’ button and the ‘On Demand’ functionality, all wrapped up in a sleek new look and feel, according to Calltrunk.

’We have been seeing more and more Calltrunk users recording calls on their Android phones. We were very keen to load all the features we could into this app, so that Android users could not just record all their calls, but also search them and utilise links with their accounts on other services such as Evernote, Box and Dropbox’, says Paul Murphy, CEO of Calltrunk.

The ‘Trunk’ button launches three new options for users: they can listen to all recordings on an Android phone (listening to any recording regardless of which phone was used to make the call originally). Users can also request a transcript of their recordings directly from their phone or send recordings straight to Evernote , Box, or Dropbox (users will need to link their Calltrunk account with their Evernote, Box or Dropbox accounts first, through ‘Settings’ under ‘My Account’ on the Calltrunk website). After initial set up, recordings can be sent to those applications with one click.

In addition, the new ‘On–Demand’ button allows Calltrunk users to further utilise their phones as recording devices for live conversations and voice memos. The recordings are stored in the users Calltrunk account with all other recorded phone conversations made from their landline, Skype or mobile devices. Calltrunk users can locate the button on their keypad with the ‘plug’ symbol on it and when pressed, this button will initiate a call back to the user, to record their memo, dictation or interview as required.

And as usual with Calltrunk, users can always access any recordings that they make through the web interface when they are back in front of their laptop or PC. In addition to the new ‘Trunk’ and ‘On Demand’ features, Calltrunk has also made some small adjustments to make their solution even easier to use, including the ability to auto fill email addresses from the users address book when sharing plus there is an enhanced, crisp, easy-to-read display.

Calltrunk is offering free trials of their call recording service to resellers, so that they can see the user friendly apps for themselves. Calltrunk is telephone system agnostic, so works with all brands or existing call recording installations, including legacy systems. There is no costly set up, training or installation required and users can be up and running in a matter of minutes according to Calltrunk.

‘The pay as you go model makes Calltrunk an ideal choice for SME clients who are looking for low cost but fully featured recording for landlines, mobiles or Skype conversations and the newly enhanced Calltrunk for Android app means that mobile staff can record calls for compliance or dispute resolution, just like their office based colleagues’, concludes Paul Murphy of Calltrunk.

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