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Can we call Avaya a cloud company?

In a recent interview at Avaya Engage David Dungay spoke to industry influencers Evan Kirstel and Dave Michels about the latest announcements coming out of the Avaya camp. The big question on everyone’s lips – can we finally call Avaya a cloud company?

Given the major announcements around Avaya Cloud Office, subscription models, CPaaS and private cloud the answer would appear to be a yes.

Kirstel commented, “For me, its about the realisation that Avaya has a cloud strategy. Over the years the criticism has been that Avaya lacks a cloud go-to-market (strategy).”

“I really think they have shown through partnership with RingCentral, and through its own evolution in product strategy, a clearly thriving private cloud business, a road to hybrid cloud, to CPaaS, Infrastructure as a Service and to public cloud. It has really shown it has covered all the bases.”

Catch up with that interview below.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine