Capstan offer Ex- 4Com Partners a Safe Haven

Sussex based Capstan Communications, the converged distributor for LG Ericsson and Lancom in the UK, has offered ex 4Com resellers a safe haven by announcing pre-approved supply terms to any 4Com resellers left without a supply partner, or looking for a stable alternative supplier, following the withdrawal of 4Com Channel Partners from the market last Monday.

Gordon Smythe, Managing Director of Capstan said, “We understand that the sudden loss of a supply partner can cause extra work and cost for a reseller and even temporarily affect the capability to trade uninterrupted, so we are delighted to offer any ex-4Com partners immediate access to our world class portfolio of products; together with free sales training; free technical training, access to a technical helpdesk (with no voicemail) and free marketing support.

We normally vet very carefully resellers that apply for a supply agreement with us and the process of application to acceptance can take weeks if references are not returned promptly, but we believe the quality of 4Coms partners is such that we are happy to forego our usual vetting process and can make access to our products and support services available immediately.”

Smythe added, “It could be very timely for resellers to move to Capstan as only this week we announced that a place on our Incentive trip to Borneo will be given to a new reseller that joins in June or July.”

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