Cardiff Chamber of Commerce choose SpliceCom

Cardiff Chamber of Commerce has embraced the potential of Internet-based telephony with a £16,000-plus investment.

SpliceCom partner Bridgecom Networks, based in the Welsh capital, has recently completed the installation of a new IP system at Chamber of Commerce’s Cardiff Bay offices, which took five days to complete. The SpliceCom maximiser they are now using has been supplied with traditional desktop phones, however, the phone network can also be accessed through desktop, laptop or workstation PCs running SpliceCom’s PCS 50 IP Softphone. This creates new possibilities for homeworking and staying in touch whilst travelling. It also possible to transfer calls to mobiles and record conversations with greater ease.

Ian Norton, Managing Director of reseller Bridgecom Networks said, “The difference VoIP can make is that once a rented Broadband line is available, then all the calls across it are in essence free.”

A spokeswoman for the Chamber said, “Part of the negotiation was for the provision of extremely low cost land-line call charges which will also be made available to all Chamber members.”

Mark Furnival, Head of Business Development at the Chamber, said, “We choose Bridgecom Networks as they presented us with the best solution to our needs. They ticked every box through their thorough research into our requirements. The SpliceCom maximiser they supplied us with is cost-effective, allows us to produce a number of management reports and links into our Contact Management system.”

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