Carphone Warehouse Networks to get New Fibre Face Lift

Geo, a Hutchison Whampoa company and provider of bespoke fibre networks, has won another contract with Carphone Warehouse Networks, this time to provide a new national fibre network. The deal is worth more than £10 million to Geo over 15 years and will provide a dedicated fibre pair and co-location to Carphone Warehouse Networks across Geo’s network.

Geo had previously connected seven Carphone Warehouse sites in and around the London area, with a dedicated fibre network, so it was a natural progression for Geo to roll out the network across the UK.

Providing its customers with the best possible network performance is of paramount importance to Carphone Warehouse Networks, and it felt that Geo’s UK network was the best placed to deliver that. Not only is it the most comprehensively engineered national network available in the UK, but it experiences fewer network affecting faults than other operators as its network does not follow the road network where most fibre cuts occur. This combined with Geo’s technical expertise and carrier class co-location facilities throughout the UK will help to ensure that Carphone Warehouse Networks can offer the best possible service to its customers.

“We already had a good experience with Geo as they delivered our London network” said Neil McArthur, Carphone Warehouse Networks’ Managing Director. “We felt the national network solution offered by Geo gives us the most scalable solution as it enables us to meet our fast growing bandwidth requirements at the lowest cost. Also, because the network is based on dedicated fibre, we’ll be able to deal with future growth without concerns over many of the upgrade and investment challenges that come with other telcos’ networks.”

Carphone Warehouse Networks had previously chosen Geo to provide the infrastructure behind its Network Unification Project it announced earlier this year. This project consolidates Carphone’s existing leased networks into one high capacity IP network for all future voice and data requirements. Carphone Warehouse Networks will run this Next Generation Network over Geo’s fibre platform, managing its own DWDM equipment.

“We’re delighted to be able to continue to strengthen our relationship with Carphone Warehouse Networks. Both organisations work well together and complement each other’s strengths and knowledge. This win demonstrates that Geo’s approach to designing bespoke data networks ensures that each of our customers gets the best fit for their organisation’s data needs, both now and into the future” said Chris Smedley, Chief Executive at Geo.

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