Cash offer is calling

Telecoms company BNS has launched a new initiative in a first for the industry, a 'cash for calls scheme – available on all phones, including those making calls over the Internet and mobiles.

Clients receive a payment for each incoming call which can add up to a tidy sum for companies where the ringing never stops!

Incoming calls earn a credit on the customers' monthly bills, further reducing the price of their communications – a welcome change in these days of credit crunch gloom and doom. For example a company with six lines receiving five hours of inbound calls per day would receive more than £50 a month.

The product is available to clients with BNS hosted systems (that make calls over the Internet using broadband) or a BNS Smartbox. The calls are credited on a minute-by-minute basis and proved the old adage look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

There is no need to change phone number or move away from a traditional BT line. The payments apply to all incoming calls from the UK and abroad including landlines and mobiles using traditional lines or Internet broadband connection.

Garry Moat, BNS chief executive, said; “Payment for incoming calls is just one of a number of innovate products and services that prove we are ahead of the game.

“We believe this is an example of why BNS is in pole position in the IP telephony market in the UK. We go that extra mile to offer real value to our customers.”

BNS is changing the way companies receive telephone bills by paying back .1p per minute which equates to a penny for every ten minutes or £1 for every 1000 minutes.

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