CashPlayTV launches 24 hour mobile and social network quiz TV channel

CashPlayTV has launched today, becoming the world’s first 24 hour quiz TV channel to run solely on social networks and mobile devices.

The channel is licensed by Ofcom and powered by the App:Play platform, and uses simulcast technology to transmit real time video content to players, providing a rich and collaborative gaming experience.

Mobile app developers are a key part of the distribution of the channel as they will be able to embed CashPlayTV into their own applications and take a cut of all revenue generated as a result. Developers will be eligible to earn up to 40% of all money played.

The mobile TV channel has launched on Facebook and is also available as a downloadable native app on popular mobile platforms, including iOS and Android.

CashPlayTV presenters will pose a series of questions to viewers, while offering multiple ways to interact, ranging from free entry that includes sharing the game with a friend for a free credit, to pay-per-play options, including Facebook Credits, in-app purchases and premium rate services.

The prize pot increases depending on how many players enter each round, with winners being notified immediately and prizes paid out almost instantly via Western Union, PayPal or cheque.

Henry Bennett, managing director at CashPlayTV, said: “CashPlayTV ushers in a new age of participation TV by broadcasting and focussing viewer acquisition on social networks and mobile devices. Not only this, but by integrating with existing payment solutions on these platforms, including Facebook Credits, in-app purchases, PayPal and SMS, the easy to use gaming experience provides players with an easy way to enter quizzes and a quick way to collect their winnings.”

Today also sees the launch of a £100,000 digital marketing campaign to promote CashPlayTV across multiple platforms.

CashPlayTV is powered by the App:Play platform, a fully customisable whitelabel platform allowing broadcasters and other media publishers to quickly deliver participation TV apps on social networks and mobile devices. It is the first multi-channel platform designed specifically for running video content on these channels supported by participation TV formats including quizzes, game shows, polling and voting.

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