CCS witness 80 per cent rise in demand for VOIP telephone systems

Reseller CCS is predicting that VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) lines will take off in 2012 after witnessing an 80 per cent rise in customers installing VOIP systems.

CCS Managing Director Peter Knapp said: “During the past 12 months we have seen an 80 per cent increase in companies looking to adopt VOIP and ditch traditional copper or fibre optic phone lines.

“Until recently a lot of companies have been deterred from using VOIP as they have been under the misapprehension that VOIP systems were not robust enough and were worried that if their internet connection went down they would loose their voice calls as well as their data.”

CCC says the internet systems are now so robust that many companies are turning to them to install VOIP systems. Mr Knapp said: “The CCS hosted VOIP solution is fully functional virtual PBX telephone system and can drastically reduce your upfront telephone system running costs when compared to those associated with a traditional telephone system. By switching to a hosted VOIP provider you no longer have to pay for line rental, set up costs or costly on-going hardware maintenance contracts, and typically have low or zero capital expenditure by comparison.”

VOIP offers all of the features that come with a traditional telephone system and is fully scalable at no extra cost other than the monthly rental fee. Be it one handset or a hundred, the running costs are rental per device with no hidden extras.

Nick Ryder, CCS’s technical sales manager, said: “Hosted VOIP uses ‘cloud’ technology which means that your VOIP extensions will work anywhere that has an internet connection. This means that you can connect from more than one office location, work from home or abroad and still have free calls between extensions whilst maintaining a professional presence which is perfect in times of disaster recovery scenarios.”

Mr Ryder added: “One company which we consulted had annual telephony costs of £65,000 using traditional phone lines, we showed them how, by switching to VOIP, they could save £40,000. In challenging economic times, such significant savings can be crucial.”

VOIP also allows people to go mobile and call directly from their mobile smart phones with a VOIP app and be charged at low rates. Most VOIP systems allow you to track call volume and call time fairly easily- a feature that can be especially helpful for businesses that bill clients hourly or for time spent on the phone.

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