Cellcrypt Announces Secure, Field-Deployable PBX

Cellcrypt, the supplier of mobile and fixed line voice security solutions, has launched Cellcrypt PBX IAB, a portable PBX solution. IAB is a field deployable solution that supports secure VoIP landline-to-landline and landline-to-mobile calls. Cellcrypt say this makes it possible to establish a totally private, secure fixed and mobile communications telephone network, linking any number of mobile devices and fixed line phones anywhere in the world. All IAB requires is a fixed or mobile internet connection.

The vendor says IAB provides immediate ‘incident room’ communications in the field, delivering a local PBX with the ability to call other landlines and mobiles securely. Other applications range from disaster recovery and use by mergers and acquisitions negotiation teams to deployment in remote hostile environments where the ability to provide secure voice communications is paramount

Weighing around 10 Kilograms, IAB can be housed in a rugged wheeled box, for use in all weather environments or installed in a vehicle using conventional mountings and rack systems or under-seat placement. Cellcrypt technology is currently undergoing certification to the FIPS 140-2 standard approved by the US National Institute of Standard (NIST).

The product is the latest addition to Cellcrypt’s new generation of mobile and fixed line voice security solutions that secure existing PBX and mobile deployments. The vendor adds that is also offers a level of voice quality, low latency, security and international coverage never before experienced. IAB runs on standard mobile phones across GPRS, EDGE, 3G, EV-DO and WiFi networks. Cellcrypt Mobile already supports Nokia Smartphones and Window Mobile devices – and support for other platforms will soon be available.

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