Cellcrypt Gateway Baseline Enters CESG Assisted Products Service Evaluation

Cellcrypt announced that Cellcrypt Gateway Baseline is in CAPS (CESG Assisted Products Service) evaluation. Cellcrypt Gateway Baseline provides the capability for users of Cellcrypt Mobile Baseline applications to make and receive voice calls classified up to RESTRICTED/IL3 from office landlines.

CAPS is the evaluation service run by CESG, the UK Government’s National Technical Authority for Information Assurance. CAPS provides independent verification that cryptographic products meet UK Government standards and then formally approves their use by UK Government, armed forces, law enforcement and the wider public sector.

Cellcrypt Gateway Baseline provides a secure voice channel between office telephony systems and Cellcrypt Mobile Baseline, a software only solution that encrypts voice calls on smartphones. The gateway enables Cellcrypt Mobile Baseline users to seamlessly call any landline telephone connected to the gateway’s RESTRICTED PBX, even when the destination phone itself is not Cellcrypt Mobile Baseline-enabled. This is especially useful for calling restricted areas which do not allow mobile phones.

In addition, Cellcrypt Gateway Baseline leverages key features of existing PBX systems such as conference calling facilities and access to corporate voicemail. Protecting an increasingly mobile workforce, it enables Cellcrypt Mobile Baseline users outside an office location to join a conference call or pick up messages securely from wherever they are.

“We are thrilled that Cellcrypt Gateway Baseline is entering evaluation under the CAPS program,” said Richard Greco, CEO of Cellcrypt. “Approval will add another IL3 voice security offering that Cellcrypt can provide to protect its customers, enabling RESTRICTED voice calls back to offices or secured facilities such as List X sites which prohibit mobile phones.”

Cellcrypt Gateway Baseline will be commercially available soon after successful completion of the CAPS evaluation process and can be demonstrated today.

Cellcrypt Mobile Baseline received CAPS approval in June 2012 and is available immediately. The application enables secure voice communication for BlackBerry® smartphones at RESTRICTED grade over an IP data channel if part of an IL3 deployment of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution, also approved by CESG and configured as per the CESG Security Procedures.

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