Cellcrypt releases Mobile 4.0 and announces channel recruitment drive

Cellcrypt, a supplier of voice security solutions, has announced the release of Cellcrypt Mobile v4.0 that provides end to end voice encryption on Nokia Smartphones and, for the first time, on a range of Windows Mobile devices. The company is also looking to build a UK channel, the company stated.

Cellcrypt Mobile 4.0 delivers a radical change in the way sensitive conversations are protected on mobile phones, ensuring you can talk in complete confidence wherever you are on the latest commercially available handsets. Cellcrypt Mobile is a next generation software solution that is easy to download and run on standard mobile phones and uses Voice over IP (VOIP) to deliver secure phone calls with unparalleled voice quality, low voice delays (latency), global coverage and international call capability across 3G or GPRS mobile networks and Wifi.

Until now, secure mobile phone solutions have used the CSD data channel to transmit calls, which creates poor voice quality, long latency and the inability to make international calls reliably. Cellcrypt Mobile uses high grade encryption and a very efficient VOIP implementation on standard smartphones to deliver secure voice calls with low latency across 3G, WiFi, and GPRS networks.

Cellcrypt is now looking to build a strong partner channel to reach a wide range of customers across different sectors with this highly differentiated product that is easy to deploy and support and generates recurring annual revenues. The channel programme offers strong financial incentives; comprehensive education and training; access to technical services; and marketing, selling, and skills support, the company claimed.

Lauri Monroy, product manager at Cellcrypt, said: “It is common for organisations and individuals to protect their valuable computer data using encryption technologies; but by and large sensitive voice conversations are only lightly protected and vulnerable to eavesdropping. Use of Cellcrypt Mobile provides the confidence that phone calls, whether in the mobile or office environment, at home or overseas, within or between departments and with partners, suppliers and friends, are all protected end-to-end. The addition of Windows Mobile to Cellcrypt’s list of supported operating systems allows customers far more flexibility in their choice of existing and new handsets.”

Cellcrypt uses the same well established and trusted, encryption technologies to protect voice communications that are used to protect laptops, corporate data and internet banking transactions.

Cellcrypt is starting certification to the FIPS 140-2 standard approved by the US National Institute of Standard (NIST) and is currently being evaluated for the UK government CCT Mark.

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