Cellebrite launches integrated OTA and POS solution

Cellebrite, a provider of carrier grade mobile phone synchronisation systems, has launched CelleSync, the new integrated over the air (OTA) and point of sale (POS) platform, at Mobile World Congress.

The new solution is the first complete solution that allows mobile phone operators and retailers to offer both OTA and POS backup of phone and SIM content including: phonebook, text messages, calendar, images, videos and music.

The OTA component is fully integrated with Cellebrite’s POS device, UME-36Pro, which serves tens of millions of users worldwide with immediate backup of their mobile content when upgrading phones or changing network providers. By integrating the UME at POS with CelleSync, carriers can easily increase revenue by tapping into the current POS activity to activate OTA customers from day one.

Sales representatives can overcome the typical resistance to OTA backup adoption that has kept the subscription rate low until today. Cellebrite provides a smooth installation of the OTA client software on the phone at the retail outlet, enabling automatic updates of new personal data to be backed-up without any user intervention necessary, thereby achieving a much higher rate of adoption than other OTA solutions.

By using CelleSync, customers can easily restore data in a matter of just seconds, in the event of loss or theft of a mobile device, without re-entering any data. In addition, customers can also access and share personal data via a web portal, including posting data to content sharing and social networking websites such as Facebook, You Tube and Flickr as well as synchronising Microsoft Outlook contacts.

For mobile operators, CelleSync provides the chance of additional revenue streams by offering a chargeable monthly service or an add-on service to existing mobile device insurance plans, as well as the promise of increased data usage. It also offers the potential to improve customer retention by providing an easy upgrade path to new handsets with no concern or hassle of data transfer. Global customers of CelleSync’s existing UME-36 Pro in carriers and retailers worldwide can now upgrade to the OTA service.

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