CensorNet Offers Web Security-as-a-Service

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can now offer own-branded web security-as-a-service to customers and channel partners via CensorNet’s Hosted Web Security platform.

The Hosted Web Security platform from next generation cloud security company CensorNet provides MSPs with the opportunity to offer their customers a solution to manage an increasingly mobile work environment. It allows businesses to safely implement BYOD initiatives, by providing them with greater visibility of company-wide internet access across all devices, regardless of a user’s location.

“The growth in cloud-based services has established the perfect marketplace for MSPs to thrive, but while email as-a-service is commonplace in an MSP’s product portfolio, web security-as-a-service is virtually unheard of’” comments Ed Macnair, CensorNet’s CEO. “Our Web Security cloud platform is the answer, enabling MSPs to now fully white-label the service and offer web security-as-a-service to their customers.”

Running on a multi-tenanted architecture, CensorNet’s Hosted Web Security offers a multi-tiered hosting option for MSPs. The platform offers the security and control of an on-premise solution, with the flexibility and mobility of a centralised cloud service. Designed to act as an umbrella for web security, the technology can discover, analyse and control web activity across multiple networks and devices. Unlike other web security solutions, the platform uses a proxy-less approach, resulting in a faster and unobtrusive experience that does not hinder productivity or cause frustration to end users.

The UK’s largest cloud-services reseller, MessageStream, has already partnered with CensorNet to introduce the Hosted Web Security technology to its base of more than 3,000 resellers servicing hundreds of thousands of mailboxes across the UK and Europe.

“Across our customer base, we see our biggest area of growth lying in hosted services. Yet, until now, the ability to rebrand a highly robust web security-as-a-service offering has not been an option for the channel,” comments Ian Beckwith, Head of Business Development at MessageStream. “CensorNet’s Hosted Web Security platform solves this. It is incredibly intuitive and in a matter of just a few hours allows our partners with the ability to deliver a fast and reliable cloud-based security solution to their customers that locks in long-term repeat revenue for them. Our resellers will be able to rebrand the web security offering which is a unique proposition and one that will appeal to all our partners.”

Exclusively delivered on IBM SoftLayer’s global network, CensorNet’s Hosted Web Security platform incorporates a wide range of web access control functionality such as URL reputation analysis of billions of web pages, multi-platform endpoint software, on-network real-time anti-virus scanning and a sophisticated policy and reporting engine.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine