Cerberus announces managed online backup services for resellers

Cerberus Networks has launched a new online backup service for resellers that dramatically reduces the amount of time required to back up large amounts of data over the Internet.

Providing support for all major operating systems, Exchange and SQL servers, Cerberus online backup services allow customers to back up their entire network – including laptops or remote workers who don’t normally go into the office. Administration and configuration is simple: once set up the service runs automatically without the need for further attention.

Combined with Cerberus NetSTATS, the 24×7 bandwidth stats and alerting service normally only found with expensive leased lines, resellers are now able to provide a fully managed online backup service. Partners have full access to online graphs showing the data transfer and uptime on their ADSL2+ services. Complemented with full technical support from our London offices, partners can be confident that critical data is secure in our data centre.

Using the most advanced and mature LLU ADSL2+ network in the UK, Cerberus X2 delivers the full potential of the ADSL2+ standard. That means, subject to line conditions, maximum speeds of 48Mbps downstream and 5Mbps upstream are achievable using two BT analogue lines.

Alongside the dramatic increase in bandwidth , Cerberus X2 bonded ADSL2+ has no restrictive contention or usage allowances – making it a realistic alternative to expensive leased lines or Ethernet services.

Bob Hendy, Director at Cerberus Networks said “Other providers have been offering online backup services for some time but they have been restricted by the amount of upstream bandwidth at the customer’s site – resulting in long back up times or even backup failure. With up to 5Mbps upstream bandwidth and high availability offered by a Cerberus X2 service, backing up a customer’s entire network over the Internet is now a reality.”

He also added “We’ve been working to give partners the tools they need to provide high-margin managed services that distinguish themselves from commodity providers. Combining 5Mbps upstream DSL services, NetSTATS reporting and online backup was an obvious step for us in this process.”

Cerberus Networks online backup services are available on a 60 day free trial.

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