Changing Work Patterns Open Up New Headset Opportunities For Dealers

Multi-tasking capabilities have emerged as a key component in the headset market according to distributor Nimans – reflecting modern working patterns.

The recent launch of Jabra’s new multi-use headsets which provide an all-in-one communication solution for mobile, desk and soft-phones, reinforce market trends. The JX10, BT5020 and BT5010 units are the first in a range that can be paired with a number of communication devices, such as mobile phones, desk phones as well as PC soft-phones for VoIP.

“The latest offerings from Jabra further demonstrate where the market is heading,” explained Nimans’ Head of Handsets and Headsets, Philippa Parrish. “End users are demanding much more continuity and ability to use the same headset when behind their desk or on the move, reflecting changing working behaviour where there are now many more opportunities to operate from home.”

She continued: “Home working has opened up a significant new market for dealers to capitalise on and armed with the latest stylish product range from Jabra we expect demand to grow significantly in this sector.”

Jabra’s multi-use range has been developed specifically for office professionals who are constantly on the move, using a combination of mobile phones, traditional desk phones and VoIP to keep in contact. “These lightweight and stylish multiuse headsets are an effective communication solution for professionals who divide their time between the office, the road and home. The need to remain in constant contact has never been higher,” added Parrish.

Like mobile headsets, the Jabra multiuse range uses a Bluetooth connection and works with all Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. In addition, they connect to desk phones through the Jabra A7010 Bluetooth hub or to soft-phones through the Jabra A330 USB dongle, eliminating the need for separate headsets for different devices.

Parrish concluded: “Gone are the days when a modern business professional had a headset for work and a separate device for the car and home. Integration and simplicity is the way forward and this is increasingly being recognised by all the major manufacturers.”

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