Channel IPv6 event declared ‘major success’

Business technology enabler and Ethernet Carrier Exponential-e has declared its channel IPv6 event a “major success” after it was attended by around 100 delegates.

The event – IPv6 – The Channel Opportunity – proved especially beneficial due to the wealth of information made available to delegates about the range of commercial opportunities offered by IPv6.

Exponential-e explained how embracing the IPv6 challenge could lead to business growth and allow companies to set themselves apart from the competition, without the need to become technical experts in the process.

Luke Hunt, Network Services Director at Focus Group Ltd, an Exponential-e partner, said: “We gained an enormous amount from attending this event. It is vitally important we are fully aware of the implications of IPv6 migration and how it impacts on the future of our business. The bottom line is that it presents us with another revenue stream opportunity with existing customers.

The knowledge we’ve gained from the event strengthens our business further and allows us to stay a step ahead of competitors. Our partnership with Exponential-e, and understanding of what IPv6 entails, also provides us with another key differentiator from our competitors.”

Exponential-e’s Head of Indirect David Joplin said: “We are delighted that this event received a full attendance. In every way imaginable it was a major success. We are now actively engaging with many existing partners to start the migration of their customers to IPv6.

Some of the prospect partners who attended are already making appointments with us to become channel partners. Furthermore, when using Exponential-e’s network, if end users ask our partners if they can migrate them to IPv6, the answer is unequivocally: ‘Yes!’

We stated earlier that we believed IPv6 is the biggest universal business opportunity for channel in years and yesterday’s event showed people are taking the first step to maximise it.”

Recently Exponential-e reported that its channel sales team had recorded a huge 43 per cent growth in new business sales revenue. The substantial growth, since last January, is attributed, in part, to four new dedicated teams that report to Mr Joplin. The teams are: SI/VAR (Systems Integrators/Value Added Resellers), Resale, Referrer and Carrier.

Exponential-e’s channel team is set to expand further to cater for a sharp rise in demand for its services and expertise in Smart Wired communications.

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