Charlie Engle goes for record run across America with SpinVox

SpinVox, a the voice to content messaging business, has announced that world class athlete and ultra distance marathoner, Charlie Engle, will use its service to tell his story as he runs across America.

Engle began his attempt to break the record for fastest run from San Francisco to New York on 13 September. He aims to run 3,200 miles within 45 days, averaging more than 70 miles per day. The film, Running America, will document Engle’s run and be released in theatres by NEHST Studios in 2009.

With the innovative SpinVox service, which automatically converts voice into text, Charlie can conveniently update his blogs, Twitter status, and social networks ‘on the run’ just by speaking into his mobile phone.

Engle commented: “SpinVox is perfect for when I want to share a thought or experience while it’s happening without having to jeopardise my momentum. With SpinVox, I have the freedom to tell it as it is and be in tune with my fans, simply by using the power of my own voice.”

Busy, on the go people can use SpinVox to update their Jaiku, Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, Typepad, Vox and many other blogging and social networking services just by calling a number and speaking into their phones their words will be turned into text automatically and posted to the desired site. With SpinVox, users can bypass the login process, which can be daunting given slow mobile internet connections, and there is no need to fiddle with tiny mobile keypads or seek out a broadband connection.

“I really need SpinVox to share my story with the world in the moment as it unfolds,” continued Engle. “Since my eyes need to be on the ground in front of me, and I need to most of each and every day actually running it’s just not safe or practical to do it any other way.”

Last year, Engle completed a 4,500-mile run for 111 consecutive days across the Sahara Desert in Africa. This run was chronicled in the documentary, Running the Sahara, produced by actor Matt Damon’s production company, LivePlanet. Also released by NEHST Studios, Running the Sahara will open in theatres across the US this autumn.

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