Charterhouse offers FSA compliant mobile recording

Reseller Charterhouse Voice and Data is setting the record straight on what it should cost firms to comply with the FSA’s recent policy statement PS10/17 to record mobile phones.

There is currently a perception in the City that recording mobile phones will be complicated and very costly. Figures of £10,000 per device per year are often quoted in the press which unsurprisingly has led to enormous resentment and opposition to the introduction of the FSA’s new rules.

However Charterhouse managing director Mark Brooks-Wadham said, “Charterhouse is well known for providing cost effective, efficient telecoms solutions. We have done our research and we know mobile recording doesn’t have to be expensive. We are partnering with BlackBerry application specialists – Voxsmart – to offer a fully compliant, secure, proven solution for no more than £15 per user per month: a fraction of what it costs to deploy other technologies.”

“Voxsmart’s VoxRecord application for BlackBerry smartphones is a software only solution that enables mobiles to be recorded on any landline voice recorder without the need to buy new servers or pay expensive landline charges resulting from rerouting calls. So by integrating with existing telecoms systems and by keeping calls on the mobile network, VoxRecord provides a very affordable, secure, easy way to record mobiles for FSA compliance.”

Brooks-Wadham continued: “VoxRecord has been deployed in the City since February 2009 and is the published case study for mobile call recording on the BlackBerry website. As with all BlackBerry applications VoxRecord can be deployed and managed very easily. So if you want to be able to record your mobiles for £180 not £10,000 per device, come and talk to us. We are also able to offer you a free trial of the VoxRecord application so you can see for yourself how easy it is to use.”

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