Cheap Broadband With No Frills

Skint-Britain needs to save says Direct Save Telecom. On average the cost of living has gone up by 25% in the last five years. Prices on everyday amenities such as gas, electric and petrol continue to soar resulting in thousands of Brits teetering near the breadline.

So why pay through the nose for broadband when you don’t need to – if you want to watch football go to the pub!

“Unlimited broadband for £1.95 a month, there is no better deal out there as far as I’m concerned even if you include all the new sports packages that have come on the market,” says Direct Save Telecom’s CEO, Stavros Tsolakis.

“If you like football go to the pub to watch it instead of paying through the nose all month for the privilege. Our research is showing us that increasingly people want cheap, no frills, broadband they can rely on.”

Over the past year and a half, Direct Save Telecom has twice launched the cheapest broadband deal in the UK and remains the only provider to launch no contract, unlimited broadband with free-set-up and a wireless router.

In May 2012, the fast-growing low-cost provider launched its £2.49 deal, which was easily the lowest broadband deal around at the time. The deal forced the big 4 to re-examine pricing. So, this summer saw Direct Save innovate again becoming the first telco to break the £2 barrier per month by launching its incredible £1.95 unlimited broadband deal.

Unlike other providers that launch special offers to attract attention but don’t deliver what they promise, all Direct Save’s deals remain constant for the entirety of the contract. No hidden price hikes, no surprises in the small print, just low prices.

Hot on the heels of launching the cheapest broadband deal, Direct Save again broke new ground by launching the UK’s only no contract 28 day unlimited family broadband deal, costing just £16.95 with free set-up worth £24.95 and a free wireless router worth £35.

“The question we always get asked is how are we so cheap?” says Tsolakis.

“People are naturally suspicious it seems and often assume a lower price means inferior service. But if you think about it how else can we compete with the big 4? We have to provide as low a price as possible to grab our share of the market.

“As an independent telecom provider we have to work doubly hard to win new customers, coming up with innovative low-cost deals which break new ground and appeal across the board to all demographics. We can’t compete with the marketing power of the big 4, so it’s the price and our service which has to make us stand out.

“This is the main reason for the no contract 28 day unlimited deal with free set-up and router. No other provider in the UK offers this so we stand out because of it. The no contract deal also appeals to a different demographic, therefore we are giving connectivity options to those who did not have it before.

“We still come across the problem that people are naturally resistant to change, even if it can save them a lot of money. Many believe it will disrupt their broadband supply and leave them without connection but in reality 90% of the time it’s as simple as plug-in-and play and there is zero downtime.”

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David Dungay

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