Cheapest Unlimited Broadband In The UK?

Direct Save Telecom has launches the cheapest broadband deal in the UK – at only £1.95 a month.

What can you buy for £1.95 these days… the answer is not very much. But incredibly this is how much canny internet users can now pay for their broadband.

Forget headline grabbing deals, forget special offers, forget expiration dates and forget worrying about reading the small print to see when the price will jump. Direct Save’s £1.95 deal will stay the same for the entire length of the contract.

Many telecom providers in the UK claim to be the cheapest, and some offer incredible special offers, but these deals either have an expiration date or hidden price hikes. Be assured, Direct Save Telecom’s incredible £1.95 offer blows every other UK broadband deal out the water.

Other low cost providers, such as Primus or Tesco, have eye catching offers which seem to match Direct Save on the surface, but a quick delve under the surface unearths the real truth. For example, Primus’s £2 unlimited usage deal jumps to £4 a month after six months, a massive 100% rise. And Tesco’s £2 unlimited broadband deal jumps to £6 after 12 months, a staggering 200% hike.

This latest deal is launched on the back of the overwhelming success of Direct Save’s £2.49 broadband deal, which was the cheapest in the UK when launched early in 2012. The success of the £2.49 deal led to Direct Save taking on 120 new staff at their Watford headquarters and two new offices in Slough and Croydon.

As part of the £1.95 deal, users will sign-up to a 24 month contract and get unlimited usage, inclusive UK evening and weekend calls and a free wireless router worth £35. Line rental will be £14.75 per month, which can be reduced to only £9.95 per month if users pay 12 months up front. A one-off start-up fee of £24.95 will apply.

“There can be little doubt that our £1.95 unlimited broadband offer is the best value deal available in the UK,” says Stavros Tsolakis, Direct Save Telecom CEO.

“Unlike other providers our prices stay the same every month, so what you see is what you get. We don’t make-up headline grabbing offers just to change the goal posts six months down the line. With our new £1.95 offer, customers will only pay £1.95 for the entire length of their contract, there will be no hidden charges, no prices hikes, zero alterations.”

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David Dungay

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