Chess King and Queen go Stateside

Never mind electoral campaigns and The Oscars, one of the biggest things to hit America this February was Chess!

In the space of just a week, two Chess people jetted off for glamorous breaks in the United States… paid for by the company!

Angela Hollin, who won her trip at Chess’ summer 2007 Conference, was the first to go, taking her sister, Joan to Las Vegas. The pair, who stayed at the Palatial Bellagio Hotel, certainly made the most of the time they were there, packing in shows and musicals, helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon and still finding time for shopping and a spot of gambling.

Worldly Angela was particularly excited about the Vegas trip. “I had already seen Niagara Falls and the Great Wall of China so I couldn’t wait to see another of the Great Wonders of the World – the Grand Canyon!” And the trip turned out to be even more fruitful for Angela. “We were walking down the main strip and a Pyramid and Sphinx appeared in front of us. I couldn’t believe my eyes!”

Wonders of the World Bingo aside, the trip had an extra special dimension for Angela as it was also an opportunity for her to meet up with some very old friends who travelled to Vegas from San Diego to share the experience. The first time she had seen them in 18 years, Angela met with her friends Mr and Mrs Valentine on, very appropriately, Valentine’s Day!

And the romance theme ran through into Chess’ second US trip. Gary Pilling, who works on Chess’ customer campaign team flew from Manchester to New York for a romance filled break with his partner. Gary won the trip in the big draw at Chess’ Christmas 2007 Conference. In the morning prior to the draw and unaware what the outcome would be, Gary had promised his partner that should he win the holiday of a lifetime, he would take the opportunity to ask her to marry him – a true fairytale of New York.

Gary described the trip as “fan-dabby-dozy” but had difficulty pinpointing his best bits. “It was one big high point. In fact, in terms of sight-seeing there were so many high points I’ve come back with a sore neck! New York is an absolutely unbelievable place and there is just too much to put into words. I’m terrified of flying but I’d jump on a plane tomorrow to go back!”

Angela and Gary are not the first people to get Chess to pay for their holidays. In the past Chess has given out trips to London, Paris, Rome and New York in its incentives and it the new summer holiday incentive will see more Chess people, partners AND customers taking a well-earned break in various corners of the globe.

“Summer Holiday gives all Chess people, SMARTER partners and customers the chance to get Chess to pay for their holiday” explained Chief Executive David Pollock. “Without them we wouldn’t have a business so it’s only fair! It’s enormously important to us to thank our people, partners and customers for their hard work and loyalty and this is why we are continuing to develop new and innovative promotions that motivate and energise everyone associated with our business. This is the first incentive we have rolled out right across the board so I think it’s fair to say ‘We’re all going on a Summer Holiday’!”

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