Chess Launches Carbon Offsetting Product

Chess Telecom has joined forces with Carbon Advice Group Plc to launch a Carbon Offsetting service which will drive their environmental message through customer and supplier channels.

ISO 14001 accredited Chess, recently shortlisted for two Green awards in addition to winning the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Green Award in October 2008, is going even further with their efforts by giving customers the chance to calculate and offset the Carbon they are responsible for releasing into the atmosphere.

Calculating and offsetting carbon emissions couldn’t be easier. By following the link on the home page, customers will be directed to Chess’ Carbon Offsetting website. Customers use the calculator to see how much carbon they are responsible for and then can choose where they would like to offset their carbon footprint from a range of high quality, internationally verified carbon offsetting projects.

One feature that makes Chess’ Offsetting product stand out from the rest is that the scheme allows the carbon credits purchased to be split amongst employees so they themselves can chose which projects will be used to offset their company’s carbon footprint.

Chess is part of HRH Prince Charles’ May Day Network, and in 2008 the focus of the May Day Summit was on reducing Carbon emissions. By launching this new Carbon Offsetting product, Chess want to make a statement about their strong environmental stance to both customers and partners alike and encourage them to adopt Chess’ attitude and make their own positive contribution.

The product also gives people the chance to set up their own Carbon Offsetting website to resell on to their customers. The more people that offset their carbon the stronger the positive impact is on the world around us.

“I strongly believe that as a successful business it is our duty to be socially and environmentally responsible,” said Chess’ Chief Executive David Pollock. “Small, easy changes to everyday business practices not only help the environment, but makes good business sense.”

“We are delighted to be working with Chess on this venture” said Matthew Sullivan, Carbon Advice Group’s CEO. “Chess have chosen to make a clear, positive statement about how they intend to respond to their environmental obligations and are actively engaging their customers, suppliers, stakeholders and staff in their climate change policy. We believe Chess represent a new breed of organisations who recognise the value and importance of solid environmental credentials” he continued.

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