Chess Telecom’s Channel Deals Flood In

Chess Telecom’s channel partners are ramping up the sales as the economy slumps and the big deals have been flooding in.

Making the most of the economic as well as meteorological doom and gloom in November, SMARTER Partners have been capitalising on the opportunity presented in the current economic climate where businesses are looking to cut costs every way they can.

Armed with an abundance of innovative offerings from Chess, SMARTER Partners are seeking out every opportunity to significantly reduce customers’ telecoms costs and earn themselves some great commissions in the process.

V@lue Broadband is the latest addition to Chess’ credit crunch busting portfolio. Following BT’s shock price hike on wholesale broadband last month, which would have a serious knock on effect for most UK ISPs, Chess responded by bringing forward the launch of its V@lue Broadband range, which starts at just £6.99 per month.

Since then broadband sales at Chess have more than doubled and SMARTER Partners are keen to make sure they don’t miss out on the action.

Chess’ focus on the channel and developing initiatives to help partners maximise the profitability of every deal, has also seen the 2008 launch of the mobile Big Deals Team and Dealer Pack to help partners specialising in fixed line, make the most of the mobile opportunity presented to them.

Most recently, Chess launched its Telecoms Contract Killers scheme which gives partners up to 500 per cent up front commission in cash for contracts in a bid to entice dealers used to receiving large upfront payments for mobile, PBX and IT contracts.

And one particular Chess Telecom SMARTER Partner will be ‘Aladdin’ up the profits this month after landing a major deal with QDOS – the UK’s biggest producer of pantomimes!

The bumper deal links all of Scarborough based QDOS’ UK sites up into Chess Telecom’s innovative FREE2TALK tariff, making the company considerable savings on its calls and line rental.

QDOS is also planning to switch its mobiles over to Chess in January to take advantage of Chess telecom’s free calls to mobiles offer, saving them even more money and making the SMARTER Partner even more in commissions.

“We are focusing more than ever on our channel partners,” said Chess chief executive, David Pollock. “We have made significant investment into developing a portfolio of products that will help partners broaden their scope and make the most of any opportunity. We are always looking at new products and packaging them in ways that make them easy to sell and easy to generate first-rate commissions. Watch out in the New Year as we will be beefing up our broadband offerings with a range of hosting and anti virus solutions as well as launching some exciting new products like our great value bundles.”

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