Chillers From Watkins Hire

Heating and cooling specialist, Watkins Hire, has underpinned its commitment to respond to clients’ needs quickly in business critical situations with the launch of its Fast Response Chiller range.

Designed specifically to answer the needs of data centre applications, the fully portable Fast Response Chillers are available from Watkins Hire in 30kW, 50kW or 125kW versions and can either be connected to the client’s existing system, or, in the event of total system failure, be provided with air handling units. Importantly, the chillers are trailer mounted and towed to site by a suitable vehicle, which means that the client does not have to wait for transportation to be arranged so the portable chillers can be up and running within a couple of hours.

Explains Nick Campey from Watkins Hire: “We understand that managing the temperature within +/- two degrees is business critical for a data centre so getting temporary cooling to site in the event of a breakdown or additional cooling load requirement is extremely time sensitive Because these Fast Response Chillers can be trailer mounted we can be on our way with them within ten minutes of receiving a call – which could make the difference between managing the situation and incurring hardware and data loss.”

Data centre cooling is an area of specialist expertise for Watkins Hire and their Fast Response Chillers are complimented by their extensive standard range of chillers, ranging in duty from 30 through to 750 Kwatts. These are all further backed up by a large fleet of portable SAC 25 split system air conditioning units which are often used to provide additional cooling in data centre applications as the condenser unit can be positioned outside of the data hall. However, the new Fast Response Chillers have a much larger capacity and can be linked in to the existing chiller system so they not only provide a prompt response but are often also the best solution.

Nick adds: “We’ve already had a great reaction to the new Fast Response Chillers from both data centre managers and FMs. We are continuously investing in our fleet to ensure that we can offer tailor-made solutions for our clients and guarantee fleet availability. This, combined with our focus on service, means that data centre managers and FMs can always rely on a fast response from Watkins Hire.”

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